WordPress Popular Posts is a versatile widget that enables website owners to showcase their most popular posts in a highly customizable manner. With an array of features and customization options, this plugin offers an effective way to increase content visibility and engage site visitors. In this article, we delve into the significance of WordPress Popular Posts, highlighting its security features and its recognition through the “Plugin Security Certification” (PSC) from CleanTalk.

Name of PluginWordPress Popular Posts
Downloads200 000+
DescriptionA highly customizable widget for showcasing the most popular posts on WordPress websites, offering extensive features for content visibility and engagement.
SecuritySuccessfully tested for SQL Injections, XSS Attacks, CSRF Attacks, Authentication Vulnerabilities, Authentication Bypass Vulnerabilities, Privilege Escalation Vulnerabilities, Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities, Denial-of-Service (DoS) Vulnerabilities, Data Leakage Vulnerabilities, Insecure Dependencies, Code Execution Vulnerabilities, Privilege Escalation Vulnerabilities, File Unauthorized Access Vulnerabilities, Insufficient Injection Protection, and Information Leakage Vulnerabilities.
CleanTalk CertificationProudly earned the “Plugin Security Certification” (PSC) from CleanTalk, indicating adherence to stringent security standards.
Additional InformationUsers can confidently manage age restrictions with the assurance of the “Plugin Security Certification” (PSC). Verify the latest details on the plugin developer’s website.
Plugin Security Certification by CleanTalk

Key Features

  • Multi-widget Capable: Incorporate multiple instances of the WordPress Popular Posts widget on your website, each with its own unique settings.
  • Time Range: Filter popular posts based on specific time ranges, allowing users to view the most popular content within the desired timeframe.
  • Custom Post-type Support: Extend the functionality beyond posts and pages by showcasing other types of content, such as popular products or custom post types.
  • Thumbnails: Enhance the visual appeal of your popular posts by displaying thumbnails alongside post titles.
  • Statistics Dashboard: Monitor the performance of your popular posts directly from the WordPress admin area, gaining valuable insights into user engagement.
  • Sorting Options: Arrange popular posts based on criteria such as comments, views, or average views per day.
  • Custom Themes: Choose from a selection of predefined themes to style your popular posts list according to your website’s design.
  • Advanced Caching Features: Optimize site performance with advanced caching options, ensuring smooth operation even during high traffic periods.
  • REST API Support: Seamlessly integrate popular posts into web applications using REST API endpoints.
  • Disqus Support: Sort popular posts based on Disqus comments count, enabling more dynamic content organization.
  • Multilingual Support: Display translated versions of popular posts with compatibility for Polylang and WPML 3.2+.
  • WordPress Multisite Support: Enable each site within a WordPress multisite network to have its own popular posts list.

Security Assurance

WordPress Popular Posts prioritizes security to safeguard user data and ensure a secure browsing experience. Through rigorous security testing and adherence to industry standards, the plugin has earned the esteemed “Plugin Security Certification” (PSC) from CleanTalk. This certification serves as a testament to the plugin’s commitment to maintaining the highest security standards and providing users with a secure environment for content consumption.


WordPress Popular Posts continues to be a preferred choice for website owners seeking to highlight their most popular content while prioritizing security. With its robust feature set, customizable options, and recognition through the “Plugin Security Certification” (PSC) from CleanTalk, WordPress Popular Posts remains a reliable solution for enhancing content visibility and engagement in a secure manner.

Note: The date and certification information may change over time. It is advisable to verify the latest details on the plugin developer’s website.

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Plugin Security Certification: “WordPress Popular Posts” – Version 6.4.0: Enhancing Content Visibility with Secure Integration

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