WP Customer Reviews 3.7.2 is a WordPress plugin designed to facilitate user-generated reviews for businesses and products. It offers a dedicated page on your WordPress site where customers can submit testimonials or write reviews about your services or products. This plugin is tailored to meet the growing demand for user feedback, essential for businesses aiming to establish credibility and trustworthiness online.

Name of PluginWP Customer Reviews
Downloads30 000+
DescriptionFacilitates user-generated reviews with advanced security measures.
SecuritySuccessfully tested for SQL Injections, XSS Attacks, CSRF Attacks, Authentication Vulnerabilities, Authentication Bypass Vulnerabilities, Privilege Escalation Vulnerabilities, Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities, Denial-of-Service (DoS) Vulnerabilities, Data Leakage Vulnerabilities, Insecure Dependencies, Code Execution Vulnerabilities, Privilege Escalation Vulnerabilities, File Unauthorized Access Vulnerabilities, Insufficient Injection Protection, and Information Leakage Vulnerabilities.
CleanTalk CertificationProudly earned the “Plugin Security Certification” (PSC) from CleanTalk, indicating adherence to stringent security standards.
Additional InformationUsers can confidently manage age restrictions with the assurance of the “Plugin Security Certification” (PSC). Verify the latest details on the plugin developer’s website.
Plugin Security Certification by CleanTalk

Key Features

  • Moderation Control: Admins have full control over which reviews are displayed, ensuring only authentic and relevant feedback is showcased.
  • Schema.org Integration: Reviews are formatted using Schema.org microformat, enhancing search engine visibility and improving SEO.
  • Anti-Spam Measures: Incorporates multiple anti-spam mechanisms to thwart automated spambots, preserving the integrity of reviews.
  • Customization Options: Fully customizable fields allow admins to tailor review forms to their specific requirements.
  • Shortcodes Support: Easily insert review forms and testimonials into any page or widget using shortcodes.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with WP Multisite and Multiuser setups, providing flexibility for different WordPress configurations.
  • Admin Control: Admins can edit review content and dates, as well as respond to reviews directly from the dashboard.
  • Aggregate Reviews: Displays aggregate reviews microformat, offering a snapshot of overall customer sentiment.
  • Performance: Fast and lightweight, ensuring minimal impact on website speed and performance.
  • Standards Compliance: Validates as valid XHTML 1.1 and Microformats, adhering to industry standards for code quality.

Security Assurance

WP Customer Reviews 3.7.2 prioritizes security to safeguard user data and ensure a secure environment for feedback collection. Undergoing rigorous security testing, the plugin has earned the esteemed “Plugin Security Certification” (PSC) from CleanTalk, a leading authority in plugin security assessments. This certification underscores the plugin’s commitment to maintaining the highest security standards, protecting user data from vulnerabilities and threats. With WP Customer Reviews 3.7.2, users can trust that their feedback is collected and managed in a secure and reliable manner, enhancing confidence in the review process.


WP Customer Reviews 3.7.2 offers a robust solution for businesses seeking to gather and showcase customer feedback on their WordPress websites. With its comprehensive features, including moderation controls, customization options, and compatibility with various WordPress setups, the plugin empowers businesses to harness the power of user reviews effectively. Moreover, its recognition through the “Plugin Security Certification” (PSC) from CleanTalk reaffirms its commitment to security excellence, providing users with peace of mind regarding their data privacy and protection. Simplify your feedback collection process and enhance your online reputation with WP Customer Reviews 3.7.2.

Note: The date and certification information may change over time. It is advisable to verify the latest details on the plugin developer’s website.

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Plugin Security Certification: “WP Customer Reviews” – Version 3.7.2: Creating reviews with Enhanced Security

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